Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Warning: Thematic Elements

Have you ever wondered at a movie rating that says "PG-13 for THEMATIC ELEMENTS"? Seriously, what on earth does that mean...? My sister and I love going on sister movie-dates at the mall. But we really don't get the point of those silly ratings. In fact, we determined that if "Thematic Elements" were a truly legitimate reason for a PG-13 movie, than our daily lives must be "PG-13, too. Because we have quite a few "thematic elements" swirling around. And that's what I'm here to write about: The themes we have in our lives, and how horribly they can sometimes effect us.

I've always known the saying "history repeats itself" to be true, but I've only recently discovered how often it is true. You see, for me, it doesn't just repeat itself once every couple hundred years, like it does for the rest of the world (with the exceptions of a select few). Rather, history repeats itself daily. My life seems to have a common theme that's been shoved in my face, every day for the past couple years.

Sometimes I don't know how to cope with it. Because every day, it's a new burden. It's not just the same theme, but a new avenue by which to see that theme. It's a new situation - new problem - different circumstances - but yet, it's always the same message:

You'll never, really be loved. Because everyone in your life will leave, at some point.

Whether it's my Dad, leaving... or the person I really loved, leaving... Or friends, leaving, every day, someone's leaving.
That's the thematic element of my life.
It's really enough to make me mad. And at times, I am . . . Because I've always thought of myself as a pretty loyal person. Even though my Dad left, I still love him. All the people who drift in and out of my life? I still love them, too. I always will. But that doesn't change the theme.

You'll never, really be loved. Because everyone in your life will leave, at some point.

Every day, like clockwork, I'm faced with the choice to get mad because of the theme, or use it to grow. Satan, like he did with Job, will turn a single bad experience into a string of unparalleled catastrophes. He likes making things look like you will never get out. He wants you in a box - because he knows it's where you're least dangerous.

I guess my encouragement to my readers today is that sometimes - it looks hopeless. It really, really does. The thematic elements of life can drag you down and keep you confined to a sort of "limbo" state, questioning God's plan, unable to get yourself out. I know that the theme Satan is trying to indoctrinate me with is completely and totally wrong, but he's using his age-old technique - Repetition. Maybe, if I only get bombarded enough with it, I'll start believing it. May God's grace keep me from ever falling into that trap!

So, yeah. There may be a few thematic elements in your life. Don't let it keep you from enjoying the movie.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Doing Stupid Things Faster . . . ?

Can you believe it? I'm still alive... ! After not having written anything since what, November?! Needless to say, I'm so glad to be back... I think I've finally found some time to just sit down and write. I think I needed time to sink into life without worrying about broad-casting anything to the world whatsoever. And although I love each, and every one of my beautiful little followers, I needed to step away from the blogging world.

A lot has happened since November. Although some of those things have been really painful, I can say that on a net benefits scale God's blessings definitely outweigh! So many amazing moments, such great people . . . It's been an answer to prayer. I guess you can say that the last few months have not just been my "break" from blogging but also a break from some pretty hard times. I've come out of these months now ready and rested: bring it on. :)

So I must warn you - I'm not fully "warmed up" here with my writing skills. So I won't attempt to do one of my two page essays with a cute little intro and humorous tidbits along the way - Look for that in future posts. ;) But I do simply want to encourage you readers who need rest to go get it. I can't tell you how much I needed it, even though I didn't want it at first. Keeping busy was - and is - it has always been - my way of escaping from reality. I bury myself in homework, and suddenly I don't think of *that *. I stay up all night working on debate research, and I don't have TIME to think about my relationship with so and so. Being busy is a good thing to an extent, but not when it's used as an escape. Then, it just becomes unhealthy.

Now I'm not telling you to go take a snooze when your midterm is due or anything. :P Be industrious - scripture tells us that a lazy man can't and won't prosper. The idea I'm getting at is a refusal to submit to His gentle calling to come back and sit at his feet. As a wife, I'd hate it if my husband was working all the time and never, ever, wanted to be just with me. (I don't know, maybe I'm just the cuddly type. :P )
I bet Christ feels that same sense of grief when we push him out of the way for things we think are more important. He's all about relationship.

So, take some time today, if you're running. Slow down. And sit with Jesus for a little bit. You'll find it to be so nice to relax in the arms of your Savior.

Matthew 11:28: "Come to me, all you who carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."

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