Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day is Still On for Me :)

It's kinda hard for me, today. Everywhere I go, there are banners saying "make your dad happy! Buy him this or that for fathers day . . . " Or "don't forget, give your dad a hug today" . . . And it's difficult not being able to celebrate having a Dad in my own life. Today is the day that makes me wonder about him. I wonder what he's doing, what's going through his mind, if he's even thinking about me. Right now he's in a world all his own . . . A world that I'm not part of, anymore. So I want to say to you girls out there reading this - Don't take it for granted that you have a Father. Treasure this day, because you have the greatest privledge in being able to celebrate it. Not all girls can.

Embrace it when he's "embarrassing old dad" . . . Actually listen, when he talks to you. As kids we sometimes think we know it all. Don't forget that a godly father holds wisdom about things you don't know yet *gasp!*

I don't and probably will never have the chance that a lot of you girls have, to be loved and cherished by my dad. Even if you don't have the best relationship with him, try to mend that today. Do it, if for no other reason, for the knowledge that not all people have what you do.

Thankfully I'm not left to stare at those banners and advertisements without any sense of love in my life. My heavenly father is more than enough :) He continues to carry me through. He has also put amazing father figures in my life, who have been there in support for my family since the beginning. My sincere and heartfelt thanks and love to Mr. Murphy, Mr. Limon, Mr. Wood, Mr. Etter, and those who have come around me to say "I'm here for you" through words and actions. I've been greatly blessed by your presence in my life. Father's day is still on, for me :)

~Lauren Lee
"See how very greatly our Father loves us, for He calls us His children, and that is what we are!" ~1 John 3:1


Emilyann Of Iowa said...

Not one day will I take my father for granted, I promise you, Lauren Lee. :) I love you, girl. Here for you always.... <3

Em :)

Amanda said...

Father's Day was hard for me too. But you are so right, I can still love my dad, and God is always there when my dad's not. Love you, Lauren. <3

Callie said...

I looooooooooooove your blog!

Love Unawakened said...

My heart breaks for you....

Awesome blog though!

Anonymous said...

Lauren, just discovered your blog via the Feelin' Feminine blogroll. I am touched by your story and your courage. I've been through some major struggles with my dad too, but nothing on the scale that you have. Reading your story makes me so thankful that I have a dad at all, and that he loves me even when we make mistakes. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with others–it's a ministry in and of itself.
Blessings to you,

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