Sunday, April 3, 2011


I can't swallow pills.

I seriously can not. Yesterday, I sat with a pill in my mouth and a glass of water in my hand for 10 minutes attempting to suck up and take it like a "big girl, Lauren. You can do it." I'm convinced those evil little things have minds of their own. They mischievously refuse to go down my throat, just so I can suffer the humiliation!

Mom says I'm just stubborn. What 16 year old can't swallow a teeny-weeny little capsule?!?!?

I blame it on the pills.

The things are huge!
At least in my mind.
Just looking at them gives me visions of the Heimlich.

I know . . . I know . . . I have to get them down somehow . . . and thankfully, I've found a way. Or rather - my sister, Taylor, has. She's done several experiments and finally discovered that emptying the capsules and putting them in milkshakes is actually quite tasty.

A few days ago I came into the kitchen holding a large chocolate shake, and told Mom triumphantly, "See! I'm taking my medicine. I can too be a "big girl"! Or at least I'll be a "big girl" when I'm older. Literally. Because of all the milkshakes I drank back in the day . . . ."

Despite their high-carb count, I'm forever indebted to Taylor for such a discovery. She lands right alongside my heroes: Aristotle, Ronald Reagan, The apostle Paul, Glenn Beck, and now. . . Taylor. My sister. Ranks right up there with the rest of 'em.
Thank you, sista.

Medicine is never fun. I've been sick for a while now, and I know that this is the only way I can get on the road to recovery. To be honest, it really is not enjoyable . . . But I know it's for my own good.

My Mom and I had the best talk yesterday, about just this: things that are hard to swallow can actually can turn out for our own good. No, not talking about pills here. Now we're talking about life (even scarier).

We've heard this lesson a million times - the things that hurt are the things that makes us strongest. That's pretty much what this entire blog is about! ;) I don't need to reiterate it. But there's something unique about our suffering that I think we so often fail to realize . . .

We see them as failures. We see them as mess-ups . . . But in Heaven, they're celebrated as victories.

That's a pretty wacky thought! Especially when we are so used to blaming the Devil!

"Ooooh, got fired from your job. That must be the Devil, you know, doin' his thang."
"An A on my Chemistry test!! The Lord must be with me!!"
"Earth-quake in Japan? That was definitely Satan's idea."
"He asked me out! Took him long enough! ... oh yeah... Thank you Jesus!!!!"
"Oh, dude .... a car crash... I'm sorry man... You sending enough prayers up to the Big Guy lately?"


Yeah. No.
That's ridiculous.
That's not the way things work - God is sovereign over everything. It isn't a tug-of-war between God and Satan. There's not one thing that happens on this earth that isn't filtered through God's fingers.

Romans 8:28, a verse that I probably over-use . . . "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

The fact is according to scripture, however much of a "fail" our circumstances seem, it's victory in the eyes of God. He is working everything for our good . . . ending with our ultimate sanctification when we see Him face to face!

What seems unnecessary and even painful to us is really medicine he's giving us for spiritual health. He sees the end result: a person made holy and refined. What do we see? A whole lot of crud. Why? Because we don't see that end result. We're so focused on now that we forget to see His purpose. We forget that there's a big picture.

Reading stories of the martyrs, I have always been in awe about how they could sing praises, even as they were being fed to the lions. How they could give thanks, while being burned at the stake. How, on their way to the gallows, they were reciting the Lord's Prayer. They were able to have peace, because they knew that it was actually a victory, and that in a few short moments they would be greeted by the angels triumphantly welcoming them into the very presence of God! What greater victory could there be??

The martyrs got it.
Pain was only pain for a moment. Suffering was soon to be turned into unthinkable, unspeakable joy. They were about to see the face of God. Tears would be no more. What are our temporary trials, when compared to such eternity?

In my own life, a lot of things seem like they are failing right now. Health, academics, and the most obvious issue of dealing with my Dad. Sometimes it feels like a zero sum game - one part of life improves, as the other part sinks ever deeper into quick-sand. Or vice versa. There are just days that FEEL like failures from beginning to end.
I have to remember that Christ has a different plan for my life.

The worst is for our best. Everything is a victory, even the pain. That medicine may be gross, but it will keep you alive. So I just wanted to share that with all of you. I hope it's an encouragement. :)

In the words of good 'ol Charlie Sheen:



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Kaeleen said...

just what I needed to hear, thank you for opening up your heart ♥ ♥ ♥

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