Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Afternoon With the Mad Crafters!

Yesterday was most lovely! We met with some of our dear friends to make candles . . . and had a marvelous time. I've had requests to post the pictures here on my blog, so here they are! :)

We had to start out by chopping up the cow fat. Yes. Cow fat. It was not so delightful to smell, I have to say . . . It was pretty stinky!

Aren't our Mommies beautiful? My Mom said to Mrs. Coarse as they were chopping, "girl, you handle that fat well!" I'm not sure she quite heard how wrongly that came out. ;)

Yes - Very stinky. Tiffany's face says it all!

Next, we had to put the stinkiness into these tin cans . . . and melt it. Let the candle making begin!

Lilly and Liberty. They are such dears! Look at them in those little aprons!

Thankfully, we added a vanilla scent to it once it started melting down. It was no longer stinky!! In fact, it smelled rather nice.

Thank goodness for Tinker Toys! Remember those from little kid days?? We used them to tie the candle wicks around in order that it might be easier to dip them in the wax.

Here's Lillie's wick!

Our candles each turned out very . . . uniquely. To say the least. Mica's was rather . . . . Chubby. ;)

Mrs. Limon had a brilliant idea to hang the candles on the rose bushes to dry.

Here's some pictures of the kids (and grown ups!) having some fun:

A very fun time!

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful weekend.

~Lauren Lee =)


Valentine said...

Looks like funnnn :)

You and Taylor look just like your mom!

Ryan Murphy said...


I love love loved the photos! :) I didn't know that some candles are made from cow's fat! That's very...interesting...might we say...:P

The candles turned out great! And I really like the picture of the rose with the candles in the background! You are an amazing photographer!

Love, Ry

Taylor Lee said...

Awww..... Fun times :)

Becca P. said...

I love your pictures! That looks like a fun day!

The Limon's said...

Lauren you are a great friend.And you do great at taking pictures.

Love: Hannah Limon

Sarah H said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Sarah H said...

I Awarded you!di

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