Thursday, May 6, 2010

From the Universe to My Backyard

A huge explosion lit the sky. Magnetic forces started to form, and matter was brought together . . . I can only imagine what it must have truly been like. I've heard people wish they could've been there when the world was created . . . but, I don't! I would've been terrified. It was God's awesome power and inventiveness on display for all of heaven - I would've been paralyzed out of pure fear. I'm content to read from Genesis! Out of darkness, came light. Beautiful, wonderful light - in an instant. The creation story has been stereotyped and cliched, and nowadays people seem to simply pass it off. But when we really stop to think about it, WOW what an event! What a display of His majesty. I bet it was scary.

Creation, the beginning, the form for all that was to come, changes our view of everything. It certainly changes our view of God. It seems like nowadays we're always focused on ourselves. What can God do for us? He is suddenly turned into a genie who will have an exclusive relationship with our souls, for our benefit. The creation story, for me, is a slap in the face. Look at this world! Look at the power, the glory, the genius that went into this earth. He is to be feared.

Such power, glory, majesty . . . Why would he want anything to do with me?

I've always had a thing about stars. I've probably written about it here, on this blog, before. But I'm fascinated by them. It's no rare thing to find me in my backyard at night, with a blanket and a pillow - completely in awe of the wonders stretched above me. This is God's very own creation.

Every time, God breaks my heart.
Because I realize - He loves me, in His greatness, even when He has no reason to.

A couple of days ago, I couldn't get to sleep. That day had been hard for me - I snapped at my sister and my mom, my literature class which I usually love, brought me to the brink of tears - and I was desperately missing some close friends. Things going on in my life that I just ask "why", Lord? Why are you letting this happen to me? Haven't I gone through enough?? What good could there possibly be, in this?? I knew I needed an attitude adjustment . . . So I grabbed my blanket and headed outside. Mom and Tay were long asleep, along with the rest of the neighborhood. So I spread out in the backyard, and looked up at the sky.
Then, again, my heart broke.
Typical. ;)

I always "knew" it, but that night, this truth really hit me hard: He doesn't just have "something to do" with me . . . But he wants a relationship with me. He wants to be my Father. I am special to Him. It feels so good to be wanted, by the One who spoke everything into existence. Doesn't it? Looking up at the stars, I saw heaven proclaim the glory of God. And even though I'm so small, and this world is SO huge . . . He does care about me. He sees me looking up at his universe, right now . . .

That night overwhelmed me, because I felt God as both the majestic creator of the universe, and yet as my own, dear, loving father - at the same time. Yes, I sometimes wish I could have those special father-daughter moments with an earthly dad . . . something I've never had. But I had a special father-daughter moment that night :) I felt His presence, sitting next to me in my own backyard. He's awful good at making you feel loved.

He's a pretty good artist, too.

We have an amazing God, don't we?

"The heavens declare the glory of God, the sky proclaims the work of his hand." ~Psalm 19:1

~Lauren Lee


Ryan Murphy said...


I loved this post! I think I can agree with you....I would have been scared out of my wits too if I was present at the creation! It's interesting how looking at the stars always seems to bring you back to God...however, why shouldn't they? It IS His creation, and every time we look at something that he made, which is every single day, we should think of his majesty! Sometime maybe we can go star gazing together with our pillows, blankets, and especially God :)

I love you!!!

Love, Ry

Lauren Lee said...

Absolutely, Ry! God created our world so majestically, in order that we might wonder at his awesome power. :) We will definitely have to star-gaze together, soon. ;) I love you.

Anonymous said...

Shalom, I just wanted to let you know that your post was included in the June Issue of Challenging Femininity, in the Bosom Friends column here:


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