Sunday, March 14, 2010

His Princess

Every little girl wants to be a princess. Years of youth hold the greatest potential for imagination; Carefully she'll place that paper crown on her head, and excitedly she'll wave the cardboard sceptor. Her wish is to to be admired, and delighted in. She longs to captivate those around her, and relish in the affection of those closest to her. She wants to be beautiful, enchanting everyone with her ribbons and curls.

Somehow, our culture has squelched and perverted this innocent desire for beauty. As our little princess grows, she is told that she's no longer accepted as herself, and that now the aid of make-up and revealing clothes are needed to get her the attention she craves. Instead of being satisfied and confident, as she once was, twirling around the kitchen in that tutu, suddenly she finds herself staring in the mirror, wondering "how on earth did I get so many freckles?"

“The Kings daughter is all glorious within; her clothing is interwoven with gold. She will be led to the King in embroidered work; The virgins, her campanions who follow her, will be brought to You.”

Psalm 45:13 – 14

God made us girls to love the beauty in ourselves - not a prideful, arrogant self-love, but rather an enjoyment of that which is lovely and pure. We are daughters of God - daughters of the King of Kings! In truth, we are real life princesses. As such, it is so important that we outwardly display the work He has done inwardly.

Nope, I'm not talking about vanity, here. We don't have to obsess over ourselves, in order to understand our beauty . . . God created woman as a manifestation of His beauty, grace, and charm (something man is simply not - sorry, boys) . . . Our glory should not be in ourselves, but should point to Him. This is why it should be easy to feel comfortable in our own skin . . . All girls are created with absolutely perfect beauty. I'm far from our culture's beauty standard (way too many freckles :P) But I know that I am exactly as my Father would have me . . . that I'm loved and cherished by Him, just the way I am.

When a girl is loved, she will feel secure in herself. When she feels secure in herself, she doesn't need to "improve" her looks, out of vanity, or resort to immodesty. I won't lie - Not having a Dad to compliment, enjoy, and admire me is very difficult at times . . . because that is what my young heart yearns for. God has created me with a desire to be enjoyed. Gratefully, our culture's unrealistic claims for beauty haven't gotten to me too much - So I'm still, at the core, in that tutu stage. I still wish for the admiration of my father . . . and, I will perhaps never have it. But my Father, the King of Kings, can fill that hole. ;)

Last week I did the dress challenge put on by Feelin Feminine, where I had to wear dresses or skirts for 7 days in a row. Mom joked with me, saying that this really wasn't a challenge at all . . . and it's true, normally you will find me in a dress, rather than in jeans. Unfortunately, this morning, thrown off by Daylights Savings Time and far too lazy to put effort into my appearance, I waddled into church wearing pants. My friends were shocked and said, "Wow! Lauren's . . . . Normal! She's actually dressed like a normal person!!" Haha . . . Thanks Heather ;) But usually, dresses are my thing.

Our Heavenly Father wants us to be beautiful. Not necessarily the made-up look our culture has concocted, but sometimes just the freckled young face that's far from model material. He has fearfully and wonderfully made each and every young lady out there - he delights in our beauty, and wants us to, as well. What a thought . . . that I captivate my Father! That I am His princess!

That's enough for me :)

~Lauren Lee


Christ is Write. said...

This is so true! So many girls hide behind make-up and the latest trends. They think that's what defines their beauty. If only they could realize that Christ not only defines our beauty, but he created our beauty.

I don't think God cares if we wear make-up or not though, I think it's just our own opinion and choice. Make-up is a form of art, God has given that gift to some people. Wearing make-up isn't exactly saying that you don't like the way God created you and you want to look different... it's just used to highlight the many gorgeous features that God has given you. :) But the culture misuses make-up as a cover up. Same with fashion, etc.

My sister is a model in NY, meaning she's obviously surrounded by worldly people that think material beauty is the only kind there is. But she uses her beauty to reflect God's love, and she's definitely a light in the modeling industry, which is what this world needs!

I also wish that some girls would realize how it's not cool to wear revealing clothes. It distracts guys from God. Purity is also deeper than just staying a virgin until marriage. Oh well... we can't judge, just have to pray! :)

Lauren Lee said...

Yes, I completely agree with you! =) Personally, I love to experiment with make-up and clothes. As long as our beauty ultimately reflects Christ, those things are great :) I think that that's so wonderful about your sister . . . the beauty industry definitely needs light, like I'm sure she brings to it. :) Thanks so much for your comment!

bballgrl13 said...

I love this post! As girls, daughters of the King, we are perfectly made and formed by God's own hands. He fashioned us into something He wants us to be and we should serve Him in return for everything He's done for us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.

Anonymous said...

This is beautifully written. I'm not a young girl anymore, but still in my heart, I want to be that princess, daughter of the King. There is so much corruption of what is good, lovely and true in our world. Hold on to the Word of God and what our Lord is saying to you about being a daughter of the King. The world has got it wrong.

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